About Us

Vansales.com first went live in 2005 and is one of the oldest van sales websites in the UK. We are committed to being the UK’s most affordable van supplier with our “No Frills” stock and approach.

Who We Are

Over 1100 Autotrader reviews and growing. All makes, all models all cheaper. Part of the SV Group. We have consistently attracted the best people in the Industry since 2005 to make sure business goes smoothly for you despite our many many suppliers.

We started out from humble beginnings of simply a desk in a kitchen at home in 2005. We got lucky and some of first customers were everything from Rock Stars to Top 100 known brands.

To where we are now, having sold more than 15,000 new vehicles, with 4 locations across the UK and our own CRM Software brand as well as rental and own book lease.

Our offerings

Buy a van from us. Buy it outright or on credit.

Take van finance from us. Either as a one off on a vehicle or as a creditline up to a yearly buying limit.

Sell us your old vehicle. We settle off the exiting finance. Either in PX of some vans we buy for cash.

Short term lease a vehicle from us. 3- 12 months and hand it back at the end to us for resale. Two types of customer. Either local to us in Wales within say 30 miles. Or as an active existing account holder, which means you bought from us and still have a van on finance and you haven’t defaulted.

Campervan Rental & Van Rental Collection from our South Wales location. Live booking from 7 days to 3 months. Insurance included in all 7 day rentals.

Emergency Account Van Rental across the UK 250 locations for existing active account holders.

Brand New Vehicles

We offer leasing deals on a wide range of new vehicles.

Real Prices

Our prices are based on real mileage, because who really only does 2,000 miles a year?

Trusted Service

You'll always get an honest, reliable service from Van Ninja - end of.

Some commonly asked questions

1- Am I safe buying over the phone?

We have sold thousands and thousands of vans since 2005. Please check our 1100 reviews on Autotrader which are a fraction of what was sold.

2- How do I buy?

Lets have a chat over the phone first so we can establish what vehicle suits you and how quickly we can find you one. It also allows us to explain the different finance packages as many van sales companies especially ones that sell cars tend to push contract hire to the wrong customers as it helps their car targets. We then send across the figures to confirm what we said on the phone. You just hit reply to buy and we can control the rest.

3- How do we sort the paperwork?

In most cases the paperwork comes across to you via the backend of our website. You sign electronically and surrender modern day digital ID. For some customers actual physical proofs need to be sent in.

4. Which finance package is best for me?

Look at our Van Finance page. By all means have a chat with your accountant before giving us a call. But our experienced knowledgeable team will have already dealt with similar companies and customers and will always know the bets package for you. The sort of questions your accountant should be taking into consideration are VAT registration and whether full or flat rate Profit for company this tax year How many vehicles in the fleet The desirability of the vehicle second hand The mileage you intend to do Whether you are likely to want to change early for even greater tax savings

5. Can I keep a vehicle that has a balloon payment on finance lease?

“You” is the pivotal word and by you we mean the company. You nor the company can keep ownership since if you did you could write the vehicle down a second time ! So yes the vehicle can be bought privately at the end or by a third party or by a different company. All of which you can choose. Just not by the first buyer or company which is why so many get confused. We can refinance balloons.

6. Do you take part exchange?.

Yes we take part exchange. And we can settle existing finance agreements. We can also occasionally help with some funders stalling final payments or extending leases if you have a van on order. A part exchange must be with an MOT when collected and in a road worthy condition with a V5 and paperwork. Some old old vans are just not worth the trouble of part exchange and you might be better off selling privately.

7. Is delivery free?

Yes and No. Depends on the supplier. We will let you know when we speak. Some vans have been bought in bulk and come to Wales. Some vans are coming straight from old RAF bases in many cases so you couldn’t collect anyway! We can deliver but on the stock Welsh ones its cheaper if you self-collect.

Reviewed by People

Clients' Testimonials

Tom never gave up, although my first choice of vehicle was not available he found a replacement but that was the wrong weight load so he then found me anther vehicle but was not a crew cab so he got it converted to a crew cab. Always kept me informed what was going on. He was a diamond. Made buying a van a pleasure.

Paul Mchugh

placed an order with Ashley at Swiss vans 5 weeks ago for a new VW transporter Kombi with hornet kit. The van is now with me and looks better than I expected. Very happy with my new toy.

Mr G

Second transporter ordered through Swiss. I personally find the old style showroom visit purchasing experience mind numbing . Alex at Swiss gets the job done efficiently to the clients needs - very pleased !

Martin Purvis

Swiss vans operate on a customer experience level of above and beyond Well done Tom and Co

David C

Tom from Swiss Vans was brilliant from start to finish. He sourced me the van I was after for the right price and guided me through the whole sales process smoothly. The van arrived when it was supposed to and is a great van, driving around Cornwall is now a pleasure! Would recommend Swiss vans to anyone.

Olly Daglish

ole has been fantastic all the way through the process of me getting my van. Since the first time I spoke to him he’s responded with all my questions. First class would definitely recommend

Damien Shaw

Ordered my first transporter through Tom at Swiss vans, brilliant van with the wasp kit. Very fast and efficient, whole process from sourcing the van to fitting the kit and getting the van to me only took around 3 weeks. Would definitely recommend.

Daniel Phillips

This is the 4 th van we have had from Swiss always had great dealings with the company. Great communication. Brilliant staff. Will keep using. many thanks Ashley Westcott

Malcolm Lee Nankervis

Cole provide super advise in sourcing a new vehicle. He ticked all of the boxed in terms of price, technical spec and provided loads of bespoking options. Thanks Cole

Neil Doran

I’ve just taken delivery of my new van from Swiss and I couldn’t be happier. The whole process has been long due to the shortage of vans but Alex has been a star and kept me informed all the way through, every email has been answered straight away and even when I’ve asked stupid questions and changed the spec a 100 times he’s just dealt with it perfectly, I’ve recommended Swiss to a friend and he’s had exactly the same level of customer service so I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Robert Muir

Just taken delivery of my new Transporter with the hornet kit and a few more little extras. Very happy with the van - looks amazing and drives really well. Swiss vans have been 1st class - Ashley looked after me and did a great job from start to finish. He's a credit to the business and we'll certainly be using him and Swiss vans again - top guy, top company and fantastic van - highly recommended

James Millar

Just got myself another new VW Transporter through Swiss Vans!! A very big Thankyou to Alex Borely of Swiss Vans for making the whole experience an absolute pleasure! Everything from ordering to collection was totally professional Communication was absolutely top drawer every step of the way and I can’t recommend them highly enough! Quality company and will not hesitate to use them again!

Nick Milsom

Just taken delivery of my new Transporter with the hornet kit and a few more little extras. Very happy with the van - looks amazing and drives really well. Swiss vans have been 1st class - Ashley looked after me and did a great job from start to finish. He's a credit to the business and we'll certainly be using him and Swiss vans again - top guy, top company and fantastic van - highly recommended James Miller

James Miller