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We have the Citroen Berlingo for sale which now comes as an electric van.

Here, at, we are keeping up with the times as we now have an electric van for sale with the Citroen Berlingo. Electric has become the most affordable form of running a vehicle with the cost of energy per mile for the Berlingo van being just 3p. That is 30 miles for under a pound!

You may question whether the performance of your standard petrol or diesel van has been compromised. But, the Citroen Berlingo electric van can still deliver with a range limit of 106 miles and reaching speeds of 68mph.

Electric vans could be the next big thing for the tradespeople of London, in particular. Along with being more economical for your bank balance and the environment, you will no longer be subject to the congestion charges of the city. There are also free parking options for electric vans in the British capital as well as being allowed use of the bus lanes.

With the amount of charging points increasing in and around our cities, you can charge your electric van almost anywhere. There are two charge points included; a standard AC port which fully charges your van in 8 hours and a rapid DC charge point which can charge the battery to 80% in just half hour.

A small and nifty vehicle; although it is an electric van, it still has the functionality of your standard Citroen Berlingo van. The sliding side doors give you easy access to the back of your van no matter where you are parked. With two lengths of Citroen Berlingo available in electric, the payload can hold up to 636kg with the load volume being up to 4.1m3.

The Citroen Berlingo electric van is an example of how the future of how city tradespeople drive might look. Economical and reliable without compromising the use of the van, the electric Citroen Berlingo makes city driving affordable.

We can also sell these vehicles on finance lease.
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