CITROEN BERLINGO Citroen Berlingo Petrol VTi 2018
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Citroen Berlingo petrol for sale.

If you are looking for a Citroen Berlingo van but don’t want to pay the higher prices of diesel, then there is a petrol version of the van available for finance lease, hire purchase or to buy with The cost of fuel and the actual vehicle itself tends to be cheaper if it has a petrol engine.

You may prefer how a petrol Citroen Berlingo sounds and drives. And, with new petrol vehicles emitting less toxicity into the air than diesel, in London, you could be exempt from paying the newly introduced T-Charge and Ultra Low Emissions Zone.

The Citroen Berlingo van has the handling of a car whilst being able to carry a heavy load. Whether you use your van for the delivering of goods or to carry the tools of your trade, the Berlingo more than holds on the road whatever your need. Although the Citroen Berlingo petrol is cheaper than our diesel vehicles, the option to lease is available to make it easier to finance for your business.

You can access the back of your vehicle through a set of barn doors or you can slide open the side door. This gives you access to your van even if another vehicle happens to block you in. Or, if you have to squeeze into a tight space - which the agile Citroen Berlingo is more than capable of doing – you can still find a way to your goods.

There is plenty of space back there, too. The capacity of the van can be up to 4.1m3 if you get the longer L2 or 3.7m3 for the L1 bodystyle so, despite the van being on the smaller side, there is more than enough room for storage.

Whatever dimensions or specification you choose, the Citroen Berlingo proves to be a handy van which is easier to get around in than your typically larger van but it still serves its purpose. This is why this could be perfect for a first-time van driver to get them comfortable driving this type of vehicle
Available for finance lease as well as hire purchase.
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