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Here at, we have the Citroen Berlingo Van for sale.

The Citroen Berlingo is the ideal vehicle to welcome you into the world of vans; small, nimble and easy to park. All while serving its purpose as a van. You may be starting up a business or just need a bit of storage space in your vehicle to feed your adventurous lifestyle. Whether you’re an electrician, a carpenter, a biker or even a surfer; the Berlingo can do the job for you.

Larger vans may struggle in cities with their bigger dimensions and higher fuel consumption where the Citroen Berlingo will prosper. Easy to manoeuvre, cheaper on fuel whilst still being able to carry a sizeable load; the Berlingo is the perfect first van.

You may have to squeeze into a tight parking space which, as mentioned, is pretty simple for the Berlingo. But, it may prevent you from being able to open your back doors and get to your tools. This won’t matter because the Citroen Berlingo van comes with sliding side doors, which provide you with easy access to the back, giving you loading and unloading options.

It could cross your mind that a van the size of a family car can’t have enough storage space to deliver for your business but this is not the case. The payload of the Berlingo is a substantial 854kg which is enough to hold two pallets. So, it is easy to get around in and the storage is generous. A sole trader would find it a reliable asset to their business.

We offer many different models of this van such as the Citroen Berlingo Enterprise or the crew van, which would cost more as an upgrade. If you are based in London you may be thinking of ditching the fuel. In this case, there are electric Berlingo’s available with

To prevent you from having to break the bank, Citroen Berlingo van lease is also available.
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