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Citroen curtainsider for sale

To provide loading flexibility and a large space for storage, Citroen Relay offer a Curtainside option of their Luton Box van. Whereas you can only access a solid sided vehicle through the full height, wide opening barn doors at the back, a Curtainsider gives you the option to remove the sides so it can be loaded through the heavy-duty curtains on the side. If you need to have different ways of loading your van with a forklift, then the Citroen Relay Curtainside provides those options as you can load through either side as well as the back.

What you gain in loading options you lose in the payload amount you can carry. It is still a hefty amount that can be carried, with the Curtainside being able to shift just under a tonne, but it isn’t as much as other Citroen Relay vans. However, the dimensions of the Curtainside version is similar to those of the Luton vans, being able to hold a load volume amount up to 20m3.

Bad weather isn’t an issue for the Citroen Curtainside, either. The curtains can be tightened horizontally and vertically to provide a rigid, water-tight structure so your load doesn’t get ruined by the British weather.

Just like the other Citroen Relay vans, the galvanised steel and aluminium frame is made to be robust and durable. This also optimises the payload so you’re able to carry more but you can increase this further by selecting the lightweight construction option.

Your cab can provide you with a mobile office so you can keep up with any work while you’re based in different locations. There is an extendable writing panel included alongside two USB ports so you can charge your smartphone or tablet. You will have no problem finding somewhere to keep stuff in your cab with 13 storage spaces which includes a lockable glove box.

There are options to get your hands on the Citroen Relay Curtainside through finance lease, hire purchase and contract hire as well as outright purchase.
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