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Citroen Relay Dropside for sale

A real workhorse in the Citroen Relay range, the Dropside keeps up the trend of the range with its power and resilience. Built to carry heavy loads, the Citroen Relay Dropside can prove a trusty steed to those in the construction or landscaping industries.

Needing to be strong but light, the body on the back is equipped with a sheet of plywood with a non-slip coating. Heavy duty work with your Dropside may mean that it can suffer some dinks and bumps but all the parts are easy to remove and replace to ensure your van is up to standard at all times.

The Relay Dropside keeps up the trend of the Citroen Relay range by being versatile and capable to do cater for different needs. By removing the side and tailboards as well as the corner posts, you can turn your Dropside van into a flatbed, which makes it easier to carry different types of loads such as pallets.

Occupants in the cab are protected from any movement of the load on the back by a front bulkhead which is the height of the cab. Unlike most vans, you have some rear visibility through the gaps in the bulkhead to make it easier to reverse and manoeuvre.

Without any large sides, it may seem difficult to keep a load secure with nothing to tie it to but this gantry can also be used as a way of securing loose loads. Constructed around three horizontal which are designed to provide places to secure loads of different weights and sizes; the Relay Dropside can carry almost any load while keeping the passengers safe.

With an extendable writing panel for paperwork and charging ports for your smartphone, your cab can become an office away from home while you work at different sites and locations. There is plenty of space for storage, too with a lockable glove box included.
The Citroen Relay Dropside can be bought outright with but we also offer finance lease, hire purchase and contract hire, too.
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