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Citroen Relay Tipper for sale

Tippers can be a valuable addition to a business as a sole vehicle or as part of a fleet; that is why Citroen have added two different versions to their fleet. Whether you’re in the construction or gardening industry, the Citroen Relay Tipper can cater for your needs in carrying all sorts of different loads and equipment.

The single cab tipper has a dual passenger seat with more space to store your equipment in the back. Unloading couldn’t be easier with a tipper; you could manually remove the load yourself or to save you breaking a sweat, you can use the hydraulically powered front raising tipper to dump your load. There is also the option to drop the side of the tipper to load or unload this way, too. With the single cab tipper having a larger tipper, it can hold a higher payload of up to 1.2 tonnes!

Behind the cab there is a bulkhead which does more than just ensure the safety of the driver and the passengers. Without the sides, you may find it difficult to secure any loose items in the back but the bulkhead doubles up as framework you can tie part of your load onto. Unlike most vans, there is a little bit of rear visibility allowed through the gaps in the bulkhead.

The Citroen Tipper follows suit with the other vans in the Relay range, being robust and reliable with the tipper being made out of high tensile steel. This helps the vehicle remain as light as possible while preventing any large loads from causing damage to the platform.

You can be comfortable in the cab of your Citroen Relay Tipper with there being a lot of premium features included. If you need to complete any paperwork while on the go, there is an extendable writing panel as well as 2 USB ports for your smartphone and tablet. The drivers seat is adjustable so you can ensure your comfort when you're behind the wheel.

There is the option to acquire the Citroen Tipper for hire purchase, finance lease or contract hire as well as purchasing the van outright.
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