VW Caddy Maxi


Punching well above its weight in the compact van sector, the VW Caddy Maxi has a hefty amount of space for a small van. It is a versatile vehicle which comes as both a panel van and a Kombi – which is rare for a compact van.

The panel version of the VW Caddy Maxi has a load space of 4.2m? which is an extra 1m? on the SWB variant. There is also an additional side loading door and a full-height solid bulkhead as the Maxi is more of a cargo carrier.

When choosing the VW Caddy Maxi which is best for your needs, you have a choice of diesel or petrol engine. The petrol comes only as a manual with a 1L engine with a 102PS power output.

If you want a more powerful engine or an automatic, 2L diesel engines are available with power outputs up to 150PS and with Volkswagen’s DSG system.

Take a look at the standard Caddy or for a bigger alternative, try the VW Transporter. ????????


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