VW Transporter Kombi



One of the most popular vans around, the VW Transporter Kombi has the versatility to deliver for both business and leisure use. It can carry your crew and equipment for work while it is comfortable and spacious enough for the family, too. More affordable than you think, have great deals on the T6 Kombi.

Winner of the Best Crew Van of 2019 from Business Vans, you can be sure you get a high quality vehicle in the VW Transporter Kombi. You can seat up to 6 people while still having space behind the rear passenger bench.

With the short wheelbase, there is a load capacity of 3.5m3 . But you can get up to 4.4m3 with the long wheelbase. On the occasions you need a little bit more room, the passenger seats can be folded.

Engine options can provide power outputs of 102PS, 150PS or for optimum power, the 204PS. You can choose to have automatic transmission with Volkswagen’s DSG as option.

It is possible to adapt your VW Transporter Kombi to driving off-road with the 4MOTION all-wheel drive system. This will make difficult terrain or treacherous weather conditions simple for your T6 Kombi.

Should you require more space from your Transporter and carrying passengers isn’t important, try the panel van version.


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