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At Van Sales in South Wales, we have a great selection of used VW Transporter vans for sale. We currently offer a wide range of Transporter T6 vans, the T6 being Volkswagen’s latest Transporter model which was recently facelifted to T6.1.

The T6 is the continuation of Volkswagen’s much-loved Transporter range, first unveiled in 1950. Available in either a panel van or kombi set-up, a used VW Transporter for sale from Van Sales is a great choice whatever your needs.

Kombi or Panel Van?

For those of you who are a little confused as to the difference between a panel van and a kombi van, don’t worry! A panel van only has seats in the front; the back is devoted entirely to being a cargo space. Panel vans have a solid bulkhead (wall), often steel, between that cargo space in the back and the driver’s compartment in the front.

Kombi vans have an additional row of removable seats behind the driver’s and main passenger’s seats. They’re great for carrying less cargo and more people, but as T6 Transporter kombis don’t have a full bulkhead as standard, there can be a safety compromise depending on the type of cargo you’re carrying. However, there is an option for a full-height bulkhead to be fitted.


If you’re after a used VW Transporter panel van for sale or a used VW Transporter kombi van for sale, you’ll have the choice of a short wheelbase (SWB) with a Low roof or a long wheelbase (LWB) with a Low roof or a High roof. There was, briefly, a Medium roof on the SWB and LWB vans, but that was discontinued in 2018.

Dimensions vary depending on the model, and while you’re probably mainly interested in the load capacity, you might also want to know the height of the vans just in case you’ve got a ferry booking coming up or you live near a low bridge.

The external length of the SWB Transporter T6 is 4892mm, and the external length of the LWB is 5292mm. In terms of height, the SWB and LWB Low roof models are 1990mm in height. The Medium roof on both SWB and LWB used T6 Transporters is 2176mm high, and the height of the LWB High roof is 2477mm.

Internally, you’ve got 2575mm load length in the SWB models and 2975mm in the LWB models. The Low roof gives you 1410mm load height, the Medium roof offers 1635mm load height, and the High roof gives a very useful 1940mm of load height.

In terms of load width, it’s 1700mm across the board in all models with the wheelarches taking a bit off that in the space between them: the width there is 1244mm.

If you need to know the maximum load volume in cubic metres, you’ve got:

SWB Low: 5.8m3

SWB Medium: 6.7m3

LWB Low: 6.7m3

LWB Medium: 7.8m3

LWB High: 9.3m3

GVW and Payload

When you’re considering how much you can fit in your used VW Transporter T6, you’ll also need to think about how much weight you can carry. The vans come in a range of GVWs (gross vehicle weights): T26, T27, T28, T30, and T32. The T26 is 2600kg or 2.6 tonnes, and the T32 is 3200kg or 3.2 tonnes; the rest fall in between. As the GWV is the entire combined weight of the vehicle, including the van itself, the driver and any passengers, and the cargo, you’ll also need to be aware of the payload, which in the VW Transporter T6 ranges from 800kg to over 1300kg.


It’s possible to find a used VW Transporter T6 in a wide range of engine outputs, from 84-204hp. While less powerful models are fitted with a 5-speed manual transmission, VW also supply a 6-speed manual or 7-speed automatic Direct Shift Gearbox (DSG) on their more powerful vans. Volkswagen equip the vans with front-wheel drive (FWD) as standard, but do offer an upgrade to their 4Motion four-wheel drive (4WD) on certain models.

Transporter engines are traditionally diesel-fuelled, but in 2017 Volkswagen began to offer petrol engines in its line-ups with the choice of either 150hp or 204hp in a 2.0-litre TSI turbo engine. These are currently only available used in the UK however, as Volkswagen dropped the petrol engines from their UK stock late in 2018.

Startline vs Highline vs Sportline

At Van Sales, we offer the used Volkswagen Transporter T.6 in the Startline, Highline, and Sportline models. Startline is the basic trim, and while it’s quite possible to find a Startline with some of the additional options that might be found on a Highline or Sportline, it’s important to know the basic differences.

The Startline and Highline both come with the following as standard:

  • 0-inch touchscreen“infotainment” system with DAB radio, Bluetooth, SD card slot and USB port
  • Electric front windows
  • Heated and electric door mirrors
  • A floor-to-ceiling steel bulkhead on panel vans from 2018
  • A half-height side lining in the cargo portion of the van
  • Steel wheels, 16-inch
  • A passenger-side sliding side door
  • Two 12v sockets

The Highline also benefits from the following, additional features:

  • A multi-function steering wheel featuring a leather trim
  • Headlights and windscreen wipers with an automatic option
  • Air-conditioning
  • Heated windscreen
  • Rearview mirror with auto-dimming function
  • Front fog lamps with a cornering function for increased visibility when turning
  • Car security / alarm system

If you’re looking for a used VW Transporter Sportline, you’ll be awash in extra kit. It has all of the best features of the Startline and Highline with some great additions and upgrades including:

  • Volkswagen’s Discovery Media sat-nav “infotainment” system with 6.33-inch touchscreen and App-Connect for connection to Apple and Android phones and cellular-enabled tablets
  • Alloy wheels, 18-inch
  • Lowered suspension
  • LED headlights
  • LED rear lights with dark tint
  • Dual front passenger seat
  • Side door with power latching
  • Snazzy black and red leather quilted seats
  • Parking sensors front and rear with the addition of a camera for reversing

The T6 Sportline is only available with a 204hp biTDI engine and a 7-speed DSG automatic gearbox, so it really is a top of the range model. The T6 Sportline kombi has the added appeal of carpeted flooring in the cab and an individual front passenger seat with an armrest (the luxury!). The rear three seats are composed of a one individual seat and a two-seater bench set. It also has the advantage of a “comfort” dashboard which, while it loses one 12v socket, gains a bottle holder: much safer than having your drink rolling around on the seat next to you.

Before You Buy

As knowing all the facts and stats is only part of buying a used van, we at Van Sales work with you to help you find your perfect vehicle. In general, a used VW Transporter T6 is a good buy. This generation of Transporter vans has only been the focus of one recall, but as it was to check a small fault with the airbags, it is worth verifying that this check has been completed.

Transporter T6 vans are known for being reliable in general, although as with any used vehicle, you’ll need to assess each van individually. Check the bodywork for scratches or dents, and check for signs of repairs too. Check the paperwork, service book, and any receipts for work carried out on the vehicle.

Talk to the dealer — we’re always very happy to tell customers everything we can about our vans — and ask what’s been done and what needs doing. Find out about the van’s history too, and you’ll be on your way to a solid purchase and a fantastic used VW Transporter T6 that will keep you on the road for a good long time.